2016 Trial Report

The Society held four trials in 2016, a Novice AV Retriever, an Open AV Retriever, a Novice AV Spaniel and an Open English Springer Spaniel stake. All trials were held at Checkley Wood Shoot, the retrievers in cover crops, the spaniels in the wood.

Novice AV Retriever 7th September 2016

The Novice Retriever Trial had 29 entries, there was not much movement from the original draw as only two reserves were called to run.

The judges were Mr Kevin Brady, Mr Mike Allen, Mr John Yarwood and Mr Gary McCarthy.

At the end of a warm but windy day with reasonable scent, the judges decided not to award a first place, but gave second place to Mr Gareth Lewis and his dog Ringneck Red Kite of Gwyrchbedw, who was also awarded the Guns’ Choice trophy. The Keeper’s tankard was awarded to Mr Leigh Jackson and his dog Kenquartz Charmed.

Open AV Retriever 21st September 2016

The Open Retriever trial had 52 entries, two of the original draw pulled out and the 3rd and 6th reserves were called in as replacements.

The judges were Mr Keith Bellamy, Mr David Jackson, Mr Tim Brain and Mr Dave Brown.

It was a warm, overcast day with good scenting conditions which helped the dogs. However, only two dogs made it to the end and the judges awarded first place to Mrs Polly Dunckley and her dog FTCh Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads. Second place, Guns’ Choice and Keeper’s Choice went to Dr Nicola Reynolds and her dog Waysgreen Comet.

Novice AV Spaniel 19th October 2016

The Novice Spaniel trial attracted 19 entries for a 16 dog stake which was just enough to fill the card as all three reserves were called in.

The judges were Mrs W Openshaw and Mr R Wells.

After some tricky work in Checkley Wood which saw a lot of dogs put out for working too far in front, but others doing some excellent flushing and retrieving, the judges awarded first to Mr David Ross and his dog Ffynonlas Smudge who were both in their first ever trial. They also took Guns’ Choice. Second place went to Mr Nick Powell and his dog Boundarymoor Dinky.

Open English Springer Spaniel 2nd November 2016

This 16 dog stake attracted just 18 entries, which meant there were just two reserves, one of which was a second dog. Both reserves were called in, but due to further withdrawals 5

more entries had to be found. These came from second dogs or members who had missed the original closing date.

The judges were Mr I Openshaw and Mr A Ladyman.

All dogs did some superb hunting, flushing and retrieving in Checkley Wood, often in some thick cover. At the end of the day the judges awarded first to Mr Nick Powell’s Boundarymoor Dinky, Second to Mr D Thompson and FTCh Glencambus Grey Lady who also ook home Guns’ Choice. Certificates of Merit were awarded to Mr R Burch and Buccleuch Kyra, Mr S Blackwell and Luthmor Draco, Mr B Allen and Edwardiana Mercedes and Mr G Veasey and Woodroth Raven.

The Society is very grateful to Ivor Beavis for allowing the use of his land, to Nick Beavis the headkeeper, to all the Guns, Stewards and others who have helped in any way to make the trials run so smoothly.

It has been brought to the attention of the Field Trial Secretary that many members claim to have not received schedules for field trials. It would seem they are overlooked in the mailing with the notice of the AGM. Members have asked that the club sends a separate mailing containing the Field Trial Schedules, later in the year.

This should be made much simpler now that the Society is in the process of collecting email addresses so that such mailings can be sent electronically to as many as possible without incurring any cost.


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